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Getting your vehicle ready for spring driving? Tires are an important consideration, as they determine your vehicle's traction on the road. Uneven wear and tear, as well as balding, is a sign that your tires need to be replaced!

When it comes to tires, we have everything you're looking for - all at legendary low Boch prices! Our costs are less so we can sell our tires for less. We guarantee that our tires are the most aggressively priced in the market. If you happen to find a better tire price elsewhere, we will beat it! To begin the process, please complete the necessary fields below to find tires suited for your vehicle. Then, browse through the results and select your tire preference. Please call 888-364-7169 for availability, to ensure we have your tires on site for when you arrive.

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Find Quality Tires in Norwood

Your tires are one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. Not only are they part that help you travel to your destination, they also are incredibly important when it comes to your safety.

Knowing the difference between the types of tires, and which ones may be best for you, is incredibly important. That is why the tire center at Ferrari of New England is here to help.

Types of Tires and Their Uses

There are a number of tire options for your vehicle. Using them could depend weather and terrain.

  • All Season: All-season tires are built to withstand a variety of road conditions, including dry, wet, and sometimes light snow. They offer versatile performance and are designed to offer benefits from both summer and winter tires. However, despite what their name suggests, these tires are not good in all seasons - especially winter, when heavy snow begins to accrue on the road.
  • Summer: These tires have a soft, gripping tread compound which can provide excellent traction on damp roads. However, these tires are not good in snow because, in subfreezing temperatures, that gripping compound will harden.
  • Winter:Winter tires are designed for colder weather with deeper snow. They are built to provide traction in snow, ice, and slush. However, it is not recommended that you keep your winter tires on after winter has ended.
  • Why Is This Important?

    It is important to know which tires your vehicle needs to fully maximize your car's safety features and stability. For instance, all-season and summer tires will not work in weather below 45 degrees. Winter tires are not recommended beyond winter months.

    Want to Learn More?

    If you want to learn more about tire types, which tires may work best with your vehicle, and when you should get your tires changed, stop by Ferrari of New England. Whether you are around the corner from us, or in Boston, Newton, Quincy, or Brookline, our expert team would be more than happy to sit down with you and answer any questions.

    Stop by our dealership in Norwood, MA if you would like to learn more about tires, our new vehicle inventory, or anything else!